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Working With MproV

From time to time we advertise for particular positions within our company. We take our obligations to both our employees and our clients very seriously.

So What Does This Mean?

If you are intending to apply for an advertised position with us, we have provided below some helpful tips to improve your chances of reaching interview stage.

When assessing applications, we ask the following questions:

  • Does the applicant understand what MproV has to offer? If you are reading this, then congratulations, you have shown initiative in finding out more about the company you are applying to!
  • Is the applicant appropriately qualified? If you are over qualified for the role we are advertising for, we recognise that it may not be the right fit for you. Our aim is to build a team of people to work with us long term
  • Has the applicant addressed the job description? We understand that applying for jobs can be tedious, and to maximise your chances of finding a position it is tempting to apply for any job that carries a handful of key terms - however we are far more impressed by the applicant who has clearly read the job description and tells us how they are perfect for the position actually being offered
  • Has the applicant applied for the right job? Applying for the "receptionist" position when the advertisement is for a "bookkeeper" guarantees your application has been wasted
  • Has the applicant included a cover letter? A cover letter tells us more about you than your CV - and we will always request one. If you do not include a cover letter, your application will not be read. Simple!
  • Has the applicant shown attention to detail? This includes addressing the application to the right person, and attention to spelling and grammar. We also recognise when the style of a cover letter and the CV are inconsistent and we know you probably didn't write them yourself. Our employees represent our company, and we take great pride in how we present to our clients [some even call us fussy!]
  • Has the applicant presented in a professional manner? An inappropriate email address, for example, does not give the right impression to prospective employers....

Whilst keeping these questions in mind when preparing your application does not guarantee you will be successful in getting to interview or gaining a position, we hope that you might take some of these tips on board in your future endeavours applying for jobs.